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Perspex Sign on Wall of Physiotherapy Centre
West Cork Physio

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Shopfront Fascia's

There a number of alternatives available for Signage on Shopfront Fascia's and External Facades.

  1. Raised Lettering
    Always a popular choice among our customers, raised lettering boasts numerous advantages over other alternatives. Firstly, as our lettering is sprayed with a system similar to that which is used to spray vehicles, the finish is extremely long lasting. Also, due to this superior finish it easy to clean the lettering with a simple wipe of a cloth at any time. Should the situation arise that the colour needs to be touched up or changed, it is relatively easy to repaint the individual letters, the whole sign does not need to be made again. In the event that you decide to move your business to a new premises, the 3D lettering can usually be removed and re-fitted with ease.
  2. Hand Painted Signs
    Where the architecture or Heritage of an area demands a return to traditional methods. Hand painted signs can be supplied, or painted in Situ, depending on your needs.
  3. Self Adhesive Lettering / Graphics
    From Full Colour Graphics to Single Colour Logo's, we can tailor our products to your needs.

External Signs

Where Fascia is not available, there are still many alternatives available to suit every application

  1. Folded Box Signs
    A very popular product in the absence of Fascia's, the folded box gives definition and depth to every sign.
    Examples of these include:

  2. Illuminated Folded Box Signs
    In areas that need to be noticed or have substantial passing traffic in the evenings, illuminated signs can be hugely effective.
  3. Raised Lettering
    Adaptable to almost every application, 3D lettering can be fitted almost anywhere on your building facade.
  4. Projecting Signs
    Particularly effective where traffic passes parallel to you building, and rarely views it straight on, a projecting sign can capture an audience that would otherwise pass you by.